We believe in organic farming
for the well being of earth and people


The Domaine du Levant is located in Champagne, 40 minutes away from Reims in the village of Somme-Tourbe.

The farm was established during the interwar period. After two generations, Vincent has been cultuvating since 1988 on the family owned land.

In 2000 a new direction was taken for his farm - commence organic farming.

With twenty years of experience, Vincent then started biodynamic farming. The domaine is thereby Demeter.


The cultures growing on the Domaine are the following:
Alfalfa – Wheat –Lentil/Rye – Hemp – Oats

With the absence of chemical products, the Domaine is equipped with mechanical weeding machinery and more recently the acquisition of stirring machinery which is required for biodynamic farming.

The chalk, part of the soil which is characteristic of Champagne, has the advantage to keep soil cool and moist, although fragile and low in nutrients.
It needs fertilisers supply (organic obviously) in order to ensure good development of the plants.


Pink Lentil - Lentillon Champenois

Previously cultivated in Champagne, this forgotten variety has been rediscovered. It is now enjoying increasing popularity for its flavour (due to Champagne soil), simplicity and nutritional intake.

Currently undergoing a PGI (protected geographical indication) certification. As such, this lentil is a unique and refined variety with a delicate and slightly sweet touch, which is further supported by its organic status. It also remains whole when cooked.
The lentil has also been selected by renowned Michelin stars chefs and can be found in their restaurants in France.

This leguminous can be served hot or cold, either with meat, fish or other vegetables.

Beluga Lentil

Twelve years after the pink lentil, the Beluga lentil was introduced on the Domain due to consumer demand.

This variety production is not very widespread in Europe.
Original flavour to discover!

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